Recond - Like Themes WordPress Theme Documentation 1.0

Before continue, please check online documentation, it can be updated.

1. Theme Support and Licence

Thank you for purchasing Recond WordPress Theme. If you need support you can contact us by email ( You must provide purchase code, we'll answer you in 1-2 business days (if you wait for answer too long, please check spam folder). According to item support policy it doesn't include theme customization, third party plugins integration and hosting problems.

With ThemeForest Regular License you allowed:

You are not allowed:

For more information about license please read

2. Theme installation

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. Make sure you have clean WordPress setup.
This installation guide will help you to install the WordPress. If you area new in WordPress we recommend you to read WordPress Codex, FAQ and Lessons.


You need web hosting with at least PHP7.x, MySQL 5 or higher and WordPress 5.x installed. Please check WordPress official minimal requirements
If you have troubles with theme installation or one click demo install, make sure your server configuration limits are:

You can check the server settings using the Custom PHP Settings plugin. Go to menu Tools > Custom PHP Settings > Settings

To change these values:

  1. Edit your .htaccess file (at root of your FTP) and adding these lines:
php_value upload_max_filesize 32M
php_value post_max_size 32M
php_value memory_limit 128M
php_value max_execution_time 600

    2. Try to use plugin Custom PHP Settings. Go to menu Tools > Custom PHP Settings > General and paste the following strings into the text field:        

It should turn out like this:

   3. If it still not helps - contact your hosting provider, they must help you with server configuration.


Please watch full video tutorial. It was recorded for our Autema theme, but can be used for any theme of our development.

Notice: we recommend installing our theme on a clean WordPress to avoid problems.

The theme files can be uploaded in two ways: Through FTP or through WordPress dashboard.
  1. FTP
    Upload the non-zipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server. You must upload folder /recond/ from archive
  2. WordPress
    Navigate to "Appearance" > "Add New Themes" -> "Upload Theme" -> "Choose file" (choose > Install

Activate it after install!

Notice: If you have error "Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet error" - make sure you uploading inner WordPress .zip file with theme, not the whole archive downloaded from ThemeForest. More information on

Basic configuration

  1. Install all required plugins by clicking on Begin installing plugins
  2. Activate them after that
  3. Update permalinks for custom pages in Settings -> Permalink -> Save

Attention! Unyson, LT-Ext and WPbakery Page Builder plugins are responsible for the performance of the theme. They are required to install!
Notice: if you want to use a child-theme, you can also upload the file in addition with the main Recond Theme. Child Theme allows you to add/modify CSS Stylesheet and functions without modifying main theme files. And you'll not lose your modifications after main theme update.

How to update WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery goes with theme us bundle plugin and has license, check this article:

In order to update plugin you need to reinstall it and the latest version will be downloaded from our CDN. Please check this video about updating the WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Demo Content Install

We recommend you to install demo content. Go to the Tools -> Demo Content Install. Be aware - installing of demo content will delete all your current content.
Click Install, wait till it'll be downloaded. Your WordPress Recond theme now must be identical to live preview. If you have troubles with installation, please check minimal PHP hosting requirements from Theme installation section.

Notice: If Tools -> Demo Content Install not Available - make sure Unyson Plugin is installed and activated. Also Backup & Demo Content Extension must be active:

If demo installation interrupts with warning "Curl SSL" , contact your hosting support and ask them to check, that Curl SSL support is enabled on your site.

If backup or import interrupts with "Abort" link and you have this notice in dashboard “Unyson: Your website is hosted using the LiteSpeed web server. Please consult this article if you have problems backing up.” please read this article

Menu assignment

If after installation you have problems with menu and it displayed without drop down levels like on screenshot:

Make sure that Main Menu is assigned in Appearance -> Menu -> Menu Settings -> Display Location:

3. Theme Configuration

The basic settings of the theme can be done in the menu Appearance > Theme Settings.

Header Configuration

Menu Appearance > Theme Settings > General > General Settings
Page Loader - styled for particular theme page loader can be deactivated or replaced with a custom image.
Google API Key - you must enter your Google API Key if you need Google Maps services.

Menu Appearance > Theme Settings > General > Logo and Media

- allows you to upload your logo.
Default Heading Icon and Headings Icon white
- sets image visible under two-line headings in theme
Menu pattern - animated (by default) icon for hover and active menu elements. You can find in media archive several colors. It will be also used for Go Top link at the footer
Inner Header and 404 Page Background - upload background images for certain pages.

Menu Appearance > Theme Settings > Header > Navbar

Navbar Default - allows you to define the style of navbar by default. In the theme there are two options:

Navbar Default Override
- overrides navbar on all pages.

Navbar Sticked
- determines the position of the navbar on the page. Two options are available: sticky and static

Navbar Mobile Breakpoint, px - You can specify the point at which the navbar will switch to the mobile display. Important! The value must be specified in pixels.

Menu Appearance > Theme Settings > Header > Topbar

In this menu you can change only the visibility of the navbar and define it. You can create or edit the topbar in the menu Sections.

Menu Appearance > Theme Settings > Header > Icons and Elements